Thank You For The Support

thank you for the support

Shots & Giggles Sells Out !

 The December 3rd show was the first ever sell out crowd for us. We couldn't begin to explain how thankful we our to everybody that bought a ticket. It was a magical night as we raised close to 4000.00 for the Pagel family and another 590.00 for another family. Thank you to all the sponsors that donated some outstanding gift baskets for our live raffles. Thanks to Fox 2 and Amy Andrews for them promoting this event on multiple times on Thanksgiving. 

The Imperial House were fantastic hosting our event. They handled setting up the stage, seating and handled multiple phone calls about the event. We're looking forward to returning there on April 11th with our Dear Cancer F-Off show.

Last but not least. Thanks to Bob, Sal and Steve Lind for keeping the crowd laughing all night long.

thank you for your support