A Mission Of Laughter

comedy for a cause

Comedy 4 Cancer is our live event childhood cancer fundraisers. What I like about doing these events is that it allows us to help others and forget about life for awhile. Having a child diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking and most parents feel helpless. Most days are filled with worry, stress and a bunch of tears. During our daughters battle the motto I had was to laugh to keep from crying. That job was real easy as our daughter was full of love and laughter. She loved stand up comedy, as much as I did. When you add it all up doing these events made so much sense. Not only can we share an evening of laughter with family, friends and others. But we also get to help people at the same time.

With the debut show I decided to help two families that I have gotten the pleasure of knowing this past year. When you lived through what we did it makes it easier to relate with what other parents have to deal with. Very few people outside of the ones impacted by childhood cancer have no idea what the child and parents face daily. The treatments and medications are outdated. In some cases treatment can actually be more painful and stressful than the disease itself. There are numerous doctor appointments, hospital stays, treatments and of course at home care. In a lot of cases parents are forced to miss work or go on the family medical leave act. The problem is while that helps with the care of the child, the bills don’t stop. I have heard countless stories of people having their phones and utilities shut off. Some families I have met are way behind on bills and some are close to filing bankruptcy. Speaking from experience the emotional stress is enough to deal with. Besides the added pressure of financial stress being dropped on your shoulders. Imagine dealing with all that and the fact you don’t know if your child is guaranteed a tomorrow.

I hope these events allow us to help multiple families, so they can focus only on the child. As we learned with our daughter every moment you have is precious. I remember with our journey feeling helpless and sometimes hopeless. There is no worse feeling then watching your child in pain and knowing this is something you can’t kiss or hug away. Knowing that from living it. I can just imagine how difficult adding more stress at this time can be. Hopefully we can help take away some of that stress with our events.

When Stephaine and I started A Mission Of Love we had a list of goals. After we lost her to cancer on April 11th 2015 it would have been easy to walk away from that site. It would have been easy for me, but this has never been about me. This has always been about the kids battling cancer. Instead of stopping everything we did I decided my mission was to keep her memory and the goals we set together alive.

I also wanted to operate our charity by giving something back to the people that help us. I feel that Comedy 4 Cancer does that. The concept is putting a stand up comedy show together for an evening of laughter. Then taking the profit from those events and donating them to a family or two that needs it. Not only does your ticket get you a night of entertainment, but it also helps others. Some might say that is enough. But I wanted to take it a step farther. Besides getting a two hour stand up comedy show with your ticket and helping others. You also have a chance to win a Best Buy gift card with it. For more info click here.

Please join us on Saturday April 16th 2016 for 2 hours of stand up comedy as we celebrate our daughters life and help two other families. Even if you cannot attend the event please help us get the word out about it. For more information on our debut show click here.