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We’re Giving Away Gift Cards !

Best Buy

I want to make one thing perfectly clear before explaining about our gift card give away. Best Buy is not an official sponsor of this show and I never asked them to be. I wanted to return the favor they did for our charity, Noah and his family back in September. I presented Noah whose family we're helping with our debut show with our Best Day Award for childhood cancer awareness month. When I got to the Best Buy in Roseville Michigan and explained what we were there to do. Brian who you see in the photo on this page asked if they could give him gifts as well. I never asked them to be a part of it, they wanted to do it. Brian has also expressed an interest in helping us more with the Best Day gifts in the future. Because of that attitude from Brian and Best Buy I decided to make them an unofficial sponsor. I wanted to take another opportunity to let people know what a wonderful thing they did for us and Noah.

That's why I decided to purchase 3 gift cards from Best Buy and give them away at our debut show. So not only does your ticket get you 2 hours of stand up comedy, featuring 4 comedians and is being done to help two families. You also have a chance to win one of these gift cards. For this event we have 3 different seating options. Each seating option will have their own individual drawing for one of these gift cards. All you have to do is print your ticket for the show and give it to the staff member in your section after you have been seated. They will place it in the drawing box for your section. After the show is over we will conduct the drawing for all 3 gift cards. The gift card prizes for each section are...

  1. Front row = 50.00 Best Buy gift card
  2. Premium seating = 30.00 Best Buy gift card
  3. Reserved seating = 20.00 Best Buy gift card

The goal for all of our events is to help people out, share some laughs and give our guest the best experience possible.

Join us on April 16th for an evening of laughter and you also have the chance to leave with a gift, that cost more than the ticket.

For more information on the show and to purchase tickets click here.