Ken Witzgall

Appearing April 11th

ken witzgall

Ken jumped into Chicago's formidible standup scene in the spring of 2008 and has been making waves ever since. At once bombastic and considerate, Witzgall's physical presentation draws inspiration from screamers like Sam Kinison and Lewis Black, though with the focus of his jokes aimed at the absurdities of modern life and his own inabilities to fit therein, with a dash of silliness and self-deprication drawn closer to the mold of Samuel Clemens or Woody Allen.

Ken is an experienced MC and featured performer, boasting regular hosting gigs at the Edge Comedy Club, the Old Town Pub, various open mics and even a short stint with his own production company, the now-defunct Gorilla Comedy. Elsewhere, Ken has been performed as a feature at showcases throughout the Chicagoland area, such as Rotten Comedy (at the Oakwood Tavern), the Two Hour Comedy Hour (at the Gallery Cabaret), Bada Brew (Crest Hill, IL), Laugh! (Bloomington, IL), the Strutt (Kalamazoo, MI), and the Round Lake Comedy Rounders (Round Lake, IL). Plus one time he opened for TJ Miller, which is pretty badass.

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